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Policy 6500
Management Support

The board of directors believes the district must identify and measure risks of loss due to the
damage or destruction of district property or to claims against the district by others claiming to
have been harmed by the action or inaction of the district, its officers or staff. A risk management
program shall be implemented to reduce or eliminate risks where possible, to determine which
risks the district can afford to assume and to transfer to an insurance company or insurance
pooling arrangement those risks which the district does not wish to assume or cannot
economically afford to assume. Such a program shall consider the benefits, if any, of joining with
other units of local government for joint purchasing of insurance, joint self-funding, joint self-insuring
or joint employment of a risk manager.

The board of directors authorizes the superintendent to pursue and set up self-insured programs
when deemed to be in the district's best interest. The superintendent or designee will recommend
an appropriate reserve fund for any district self-insurance program. The board of directors
authorizes the disposition of these funds in accordance with approved procedures.

The district shall purchase and pay for surety bonds for the superintendent, and such other staff
and in such amounts, as the board of directors shall from time to time determine to be necessary
to safeguard the assets of the district. Such bonds may include a deductible provision not to
exceed two percent of the employee's annual salary.


Legal References:     RCW 28A.400.350 Liability, life, health, health care, accident, disability and salary insurance authorized-                                                                               Premiums
                                            28A.400.360 Liability insurance for officials and employees authorized
                                            28A.400.370 Mandatory insurance protection for employees
                                            28A.320.100 Actions against officers, employees or agents of school districts and educational service                                                                           districts--Defense, costs, fees--Payment of obligation
                                            28A.320.060 Officers, employees or agents of school districts or educational service districts, insurance to                                                                    protect and hold personally harmless
                                             28A.330.100(10) Additional powers of board
                                             48.62 Local government insurance transactions
                                             28A.330.060 Superintendent’s bond and oath

Adoption Date: 3/14/2002

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