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Policy 6240
Management Support

The school board recognizes that staff members and others associated with the district are
expected to pay for their own food and beverages. The school board acknowledges that it may
be appropriate to provide reimbursements for food items determined to be beneficial for official
business conducted within the district. The cost of the food and beverage provided shall be
reasonable, necessary, and not in excess of the benefit received by the district.

An expenditure for food items for meetings, banquets, or workshops should be beneficial to the
operation of district programs and must have approval of the superintendent or his/her designee
seven (7) days prior to purchase.

An officer or employee claiming reimbursement for food items as authorized must be prepared to

A. The occasion for incurring expenses;

B. The nature of expenses that were incurred; and

C. Documentation that the expenses were incurred in the course of official business.


Legal References:      Article VIII, Section 7, Washington State Constitution
                                   Attorney General Opinion 5-14-87

Adoption Date: 4/28/2005

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  • light refreshment
  • meal
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