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Policy 6230
Management Support

Financial and business transactions of the district shall be carried out in conformity with the law
and consistent with sound and ethical business practices. Purchasing decisions shall be made on
the basis of objectivity and shall not be influenced by friendships or other personal relationships.
School board members and staff are required to comply with Conflict of Interest policies
No. 1610 and No. 5251. Financial interests of school board members, administrators or staff in
any district purchase, sale or other transaction shall be prohibited.


Legal References:       RCW 42.23.030 Interest in Contract Prohibited--Excepted Cases
                                              42.23.040 Remote Interests

Cross References:       Board Policy 1610 Conflict of Interest (Board of Directors)
                                     5251 Conflict of Interest (Human Resources)

Adoption Date: 7/27/2000
Revised Date: 2/1/2002

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