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Policy 6220
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The board of directors of the Tacoma School District No. 10 recognizes the importance of
maximizing the use of district resources, the need for sound business practices in spending public
money, the requirement of complying with state laws governing purchasing, the importance of
standardized purchasing regulations, and the need for clear documentation in meeting auditing

The superintendent is authorized to direct expenditures and purchases within the limits of the
detailed annual budget for the school year. Staff who obligate the district without prior
authorization may be held personally responsible for the payment of such obligations.

Legal References:    RCW 28A.400.330 Contractor employees -- Termination of Contract
                                           28A.335.190 Advertising for bids--Bid procedure--Telephone solicitation, limitations--Emergencies
                                           39.30.060 Contracts--Indebtedness--Limitations--Competitive Bidding -- Violations
                                           43.19.1911 Letting contract--Lowest responsible bidder, determination--Public inspection of bids

                                 AGO 8402.00-1984 No. 2 Competitive Bidding on School District
                                                                           Transportation Contracts

Adoption Date: 7/27/2000

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