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Regulation 6214R
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School, department or program BRC administrators may recognize exemplary contributions made by employees in achieving the mission and goals of the district as provided in Resolution No. 1978. All employee recognition awards regardless of dollar amount must have a business purpose. Awards are subject to grant or policy restrictions and district purchasing and expenditure policies.

Non-monetary employee recognition awards may be given for verifiable accomplishments including, but not limited to:

a. Outstanding contributions or achievements in performing district duties
b. Special achievements
c. Years of service
d. Exemplary public service
Recognition awards may be given individually or to a group.
Allowable Non-Monetary Awards
a. Cup or mug
b. Clock, pen and desk set
c. Food basket
d. Apparel (cap, shirt, sweatshirt)
e. Trophy, pin, plaque, or framed certificate
Unallowable Awards
a. Monetary awards such as a cash equivalent (i.e., retail store or restaurant gift cards, gift certificates, cash or checks issued by the district)
b. District Assets – Items or equipment purchased solely for district use
c. Salary or compensation in fulfilling the duties of a regular or temporary position such as time off
d. Awards in excess of de minimus or nominal value as stated above
Awards Must Meet Allowable Award Limits
Individual award amounts may not exceed $50 annually per individual. The district considers $50 a de minimus amount that is insignificant to a recipient for tax purposes and insignificant to the district to avoid gifting of public funds.

The school, department or program BRC administrator shall complete and approve the Employee Recognition Form which identifies the following:

a. Name(s) of award recipient(s)
b. Date of the award
c. Dollar value of the award(s)
d. Verifiable reason(s) for the award (i.e., outstanding contribution or achievement, special achievement, years of service, exemplary public service)
e. Non-monetary award item as noted above

The approving administrator will ensure that awards do not exceed the annual allowable award limit as defined in Policy No. 6214 and create a taxable situation to the employee or gift of public funds.
How to Purchase and Pay for Award Items

a. Award costs shall be paid by the school, department or program giving the reward
b. Procurement cards may be used for non-monetary awards. Such purchases shall be noted in the procurement card field memo when reconciling procurement card purchases.

Audit and Recordkeeping Requirements
Employee recognition and awards shall be documented on the Employee Recognition Nomination Form (located under Finance Department/General Forms) together with original receipts for associated purchase(s). These original source documents shall be retained for a minimum of six (6) years, plus current year, for auditing purposes.

Public Recognition
As a matter of public recognition, schools, departments and programs may, at their option, present the names of those employees who are being recognized for their exemplary contributions, at a meeting of the Tacoma School District Board of Directors.

Adoption Date: 2/02/2015

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