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Policy 6213
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The board recognizes that it may be necessary and beneficial for board members, staff, students and agents of the district to travel outside of the Tacoma School District in carrying out district- related operations. 


Travel Authorization

A. International travel must be approved by the board in advance of such travel.

B. Travel outside of the state of Washington must be approved by the board in advance of such travel.

C. The superintendent or designee may authorize travel outside of Tacoma School District No. 10 and within the state of Washington. Requests to travel to Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, BC, and Victoria, BC, and within these metropolitan areas are to be treated as in-state travel.



All reasonable, necessary, and substantiated expenses of an employee approved to travel by the board and superintendent or designee shall be reimbursable in accordance with district-adopted guidelines.

Employees traveling on behalf of the district and requiring a justified overnight stay shall be provided a daily per diem to cover all meals. The per diem allowance shall not exceed  the approved IRS amounts. 

responsibility for these funds.



Entertainment-related costs and alcoholic beverages are not construed to be incidental expenses and shall not be reimbursed.


Mode of Travel

A. The district shall reimburse based on the most economical mode of travel.

B. All air travel arrangements are to be coordinated through the district's designated travel agency and paid directly by the district to the vendor.

C. When air fares and the necessary related expenses (e.g., rental car) are more economical but the employee is authorized to travel by automobile, the district shall reimburse based on the most economical mode of travel.


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Adoption Date: 9/26/2002

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