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Regulation 6130R
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The purpose of these programs shall be consistent with the policies and programs of Tacoma School District No. 10 (District) fundraising programs for students shall: 

  • Further K-12 education; 

  • Provide educational experiences for students; 

  • Address local funding obligations that support the educational mission of the district; 

  • Promote the effective, efficient or safe management and operation of the district; 

  • Comply with district cash handling, procurement, fixed asset, and gifts and donations policies. 


District fundraising programs – prohibited activities: 

  • The Washington State Auditor’s Office has provided guidance on Third Party Receipting that donations made to the district must be deposited to a district bank account within 24 hours of receipt to be in compliance with RCW 43.09.240.  Cash, check, and credit card donations for Tacoma School District No. 10 (District) may be receipted at any district cash handling site. 


  • Contracting with crowdsourcing sites such as: SnapRaise, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc. where cash donations are made through third-party vendors, and the third-party vendors receive a percentage or amount of the donation as payment for services.  (Crowdsourcing, as defined in this context, is the process of obtaining cash donations from an online community rather than from traditional district sanctioned means.) 

  • Private individuals may use crowdsourcing site and donate to the district.  However, he/she may not use district assets or resources when engaging in private crowdsourcing activities.  Also, district employees acting as private individuals shall not represent themselves as an agent of the district, i.e. TPS pre-school class at Sherman. 


Proposals for district fundraising programs shall be reviewed and approved in advance by the superintendent (or designee) to ensure compliance with the following procedures. The superintendent (or designee) shall make all compliance determinations. 


A. Any fundraising program charging fees shall satisfy the following criteria: 

1.Fees for persons attending or participating in such programs shall only be charged when attendance or participation is optional, not mandatory;  


2.Students shall not be charged a fee to enroll in a curriculum-based activity that involves a district fundraising program; and 


3.A program shall not be created or continued that will require the allocation of district funds when program-specific resources are insufficient or exhausted. 


4.Be in compliance with WAC 392-138-105 regarding any waived or reduced fees (or district policy). 


B. Any fundraising program characterized as a “business enterprise” activity shall satisfy the following criteria: 

1.For these purposes, “business enterprise” shall be defined as any nonAssociated Student Body activity which sells goods or services for district-related purposes on an ongoing basis;  


2.Such “business enterprises” shall sell products or services that are appropriate for the program’s educational purposes and/or promote the effective, efficient or safe management and operation of the district;  


3.Such enterprises shall not be created solely for commercial purposes; 


4.Such enterprises shall purchase inventory in accordance with applicable district policy and/or practices; and 


5.A business enterprise program shall not be created or continued which will require the allocation of district funds when program-specific resources are insufficient or exhausted. 


C. Any fundraising program using donated personal items or services for an auction, sale and/or raffle shall satisfy the following criteria: 

1.Donated items or services must be free from health and/or safety hazards;  


2.Donated items or services must be given voluntarily by individuals or businesses; and 


3.Appropriate solicitation on the part of students, parents or appropriate district personnel is permissible with prior written approval from the building administrator, but actions of students and parents cannot bind the district to any contractual obligations.   


D. Any fundraising program that requires contracting with a third-party vendor or promoter shall satisfy the following criteria: 

1.The contract shall further K-12 education and/or promote the effective, efficient or safe management and operation of the district; and 


2.The district shall enter into contracts consistent with district policies and with appropriate authorization of the superintendent (or designee). 


E. Any fundraising program involving the production and/or sale of goods or services, such as a vocational education program, shall satisfy the following criteria: 

1.The superintendent (or designee) must authorize the sales of any goods produced and/or any services provided by the education program; 


2.The proceeds from the sales shall be used to enhance or to expand the educational program; 


3.All goods produced or services provided from an educational program shall be assigned to (or owned by) the district; and 


4.Individual compensation for the sale of goods produced or for the services provided shall not be permitted, except as authorized by the superintendent (or designee), in accordance with applicable laws, district procedures and/or practice. 


F. Any fundraising program selling surplus school personal property shall satisfy the following criteria: 

1.Such programs shall not violate applicable state law or school policy governing the sale, lease or rental of surplus and obsolete school personal property;  


2.Such programs are permitted only as provided in RCW 28A.335.180; and 


3.Such programs follow the district’s policy for the disposal of surplus property, District Policy No. 3530. 


G. Online fundraising sites (Donors Choose, for example) are permissible to use to solicit non-cash donations of supplies, materials, or equipment under the following conditions: 

  1. Prior written permission is received from the superintendent (or designee) before posting the request 

  1. All items are shipped directly to the school site or to the district’s central receiving; 

  1. Supplies, materials, or equipment are consistent with district standards; 

  1. Supplies, materials, or equipment become the property of the district; once donated 

  1. Fixed assets are barcoded and added to the site’s room lists 


H. Students must refer to the Associated Student Body (ASB) Fundraising Policy No. 3530 for guidance. 


Legal References: 

RCW 43.09.240 Local government accounting – Public officers and employees – Duty to account and Report – Removal from office – Deposit of collections 

RCW 28A.335.180 – Surplus texts and other educational aids, notice of availability – Student priority as to texts 

WAC 392-138-105 – Fees optional noncredit extracurricular events 

Tacoma School District No. 10 Policy No. 3530 – Fundraising Activities Involving Students 

Adoption Date: 9/03/2002

Revised Date: 6/23/2015

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