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Regulation 6114R
Management Support

Organizations or individuals wishing to make a gift to the district at large or to a specific school  should have approval from the superintendent or designee prior to making final plans. All gifts are to be compatible with the programs and goals of the district and the potential maintenance, operating cost or other associated continuing financial responsibility shall be evaluated prior to acceptance. Any obligation relative to use or disposal shall also be evaluated prior to acceptance. 

A gift that is inappropriate, which carries unsuitable conditions, obligates the district to future expenditures from the general fund, or is out of proportion to the value or benefit of the gift, may not be accepted. 

All real property donations, irrespective of value, as well as money, materials or equipment having a value in excess of $50,000 can only be accepted with board approval. The superintendent or designee may accept gifts less than $50,000. The school principal may accept gifts with a value less than $5,000. All gifts shall become district property. 

Gifts with a fair market value in excess of $300, which may be of a theft-sensitive type, or are of an indeterminate value must be reported to the Purchasing Department for barcoding and input into the Asset Management System. 

Adopted Date: 3/12/2002

Revised Date:12/12/2016 

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