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Policy No. 6015
Management Support

The board of directors of Tacoma School District No. 10 recognizes that for sound financial management, the district shall have a debt and fiscal management plan designed to promote the orderly development and implementation of the school board's goals, objectives, and work plan. The school board further recognizes that debt decisions should be the result of careful consideration of all factors involved.

The debt and fiscal management plan will include operational and capital program strategies and address policies in the areas of necessary provisions for restricted and unrestricted fund balance reserves (i.e., insurance, inventory, encumbrances); a cash management program; maximum or target debt levels; debt structure and management; site and facility management; and other key financial indicators.

The superintendent will provide an annual status report in November to the school board of the district's actual versus projected operating and capital reserves, including any changes to the above-referenced strategic programs and financial policies.

Adoption Date: 7/27/00