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Regulation 5520.3R

The district must have agreements with all colleges/universities requesting to place student teachers in Tacoma schools. The procedures for developing and implementing a student-teacher agreement are as follows:

  • The college/university representative shall present a student-teacher agreement to the administrator in charge of the Professional Development office for review and approval. Upon the director’s approval he/she shall forward the agreement to the finance office for further review and approval by the superintendent or deputy superintendent.
  • The administrator in charge of the Professional Development office shall
  • coordinate the institution’s request for placement with principals to determine if placements are possible in the subject areas requested.
  • The college supervisor shall be notified of placements that can be accepted during the quarter/semester.
  • Assignment shall be made with the approval of the cooperating staff member and the principal.
  • A student-teacher shall be assigned to a teacher with no less than three years of teaching experience.
  • A supervising teacher shall not be assigned more than one student teacher per school year.
  • The supervising teacher shall be responsible for the class and should not delegate responsibilities until the student-teacher has displayed the proficiency to accept
  • them.
  • A student-teacher should assume the same conditions of employment as a regular teacher.

Job Shadowing/Observation

Colleges/universities which request to place students in schools for the purpose of observation or job shadowing outside student teaching assignments may contact a principal directly to receive permission for such placements.

  • Step I College/university placement officer contacts principal to inquire about convenience of a student observation placement.
  • Step II College/university placement officer notifies Professional Development Office of these placements, indicating student’s name, building name and duration of placement.

    NOTE: Placements are not made by student or college/university personnel contacting a teacher unless contact has been made with the principal.

Student Teaching

  • Step I Teacher completes annual “Request for Student-Teacher Form” indicating willingness to have a student-teacher. Form is submitted to principal.
  • Step II Principal signs “Request for Student-Teacher Form” indicating agreement to have student-teacher placement with each teacher request. Signed requests are sent to Professional Development Office.
  • Step III Professional Development Office meets with college/university placement officers and matches students to available teachers. Principal may indicate a building maximum of placements to the Professional Development Office.
  • Step IV Teacher and principal are notified of placement.
  • Step V If the placement is found to be unsatisfactory for any reason, contact is made with the Professional Development Office to discuss the concern or to request a change in assignment by either the principal or the college/university.
  • NOTE: At no time should the student or the college/university contact the teacher directly to secure a student teacher placement.

Approved 2/26/02

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