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Regulation 5520.2R

The district teacher assistance program shall provide mentor teachers (mentors) for both new teachers entering the profession and experienced teachers in need of special assistance (mentees). A mentor is a successful veteran teacher who acts as a guide, counselor, coach and trusted colleague in helping a mentee through a developmental process.

In compliance with rules and regulations promulgated by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the district’s teacher assistance program will include the following components:

  • A general announcement regarding the mentor teacher program and the application process shall be distributed to all teachers;
  • A committee of district mentor program facilitators shall participate in the mentor application review, interview process and mentor selection process;
  • The mentor shall be paid a mentor teacher stipend which shall be incorporated into regular pay;
  • The mentee and the mentor teacher shall be compensated for attendance at professional development activities and/or given release time per the negotiated agreement.
  • The mentee and mentor teacher shall attend and shall be reimbursed by the district for travel expenses for attendance at required workshops or training sessions;
  • The mentor teacher may be released from classroom teaching responsibilities in order to observe and assist the mentee in the classroom;
  • The mentor teacher, the beginning teacher and the experienced teacher may be released from classroom teaching responsibilities in order to jointly or separately observe each other or observe colleagues in teaching situations;
  • Mentors shall not be involved in evaluations of their mentees;
  • The mentor and the mentee shall complete evaluation reports of the teacher assistance program as requested by district.

Approved 2/26/02

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