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Regulation 5400.1R


  • A District employee is eligible to receive donated leave if:
    • The employee suffers from or has a relative or household member suffering from, an extraordinary or severe illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition which has caused, or is likely to cause, the employee to:
      • Go on leave-without-pay status; or
      • Terminate his/her employment;
    • The employee’s absence and the use of shared leave are justified by medical documentation from a licensed physician or other authorized health care provider;
    • The employee has depleted, or will shortly deplete, his/her annual leave, sick leave and family illness leave as appropriate;
    • The employee has abided by District rules regarding sick leave use;
    • When applicable, the employee has diligently pursued and been found to be ineligible to receive industrial insurance benefits; and
    • The employee’s job is one in which annual leave or sick leave can be accrued and used. An employee with an employment contract shall not receive more donated leave than the number of contracted days remaining under the employee’s contract.

An employee who does not have an employment contract shall not receive more donated leave than the number of days of work remaining in the work year for his/her position. In the event that the condition requiring the employee’s absence continues beyond the current school or work year, the employee shall not receive more than 261 days of shared leave during his/her total District employment.

  • District employees may donate leave as follows:
    • An employee who accrues annual leave and who has an annual leave balance of more than 10 (ten) days may request the Human Resources department transfer a specified number of days to another employee authorized to receive shared leave. An employee may not request leave to be transferred that would result in an accrued annual leave balance of fewer than 10 (ten) days. An employee may not donate excess annual leave that the donor would not be able to take because of an approaching date after which the annual leave cannot be used.
    • An employee who accrues sick leave may request that the Human Resources department transfer up to six days of sick leave in any twelve month period to a employee authorized to receive shared leave. A donating employee must retain a minimum of 60 days sick leave after the transfer;
    • Any leave donated by an employee who remains unused shall be returned to the donor upon the beneficiaries' return to work, resignation, retirement or death. To the extent administratively feasible, leave transferred by more than one employee shall be returned on a pro-rata basis; 
    • The leave recipient shall be paid his or her regular rate of pay; therefore, one hour of shared leave may cover more or less than one hour of the recipients' salary. The dollar value of the leave shall be converted from the donor to the recipient.
  • Leave sharing shall be limited to transfers from employees within the Tacoma School District.
  • All leave sharing must be given voluntarily. No employee shall be coerced, threatened, intimidated or financially induced into donating leave or required to repay the value of the leave used.

Approved 1/13/04
Revised 11/03/2015

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