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Policy No. 5400
Human Resources

It is the policy of the Board to permit employees to take leave, as permitted by local, state, or federal law or as appropriate given individual circumstances, such as medical leave. Such leaves may be with or without pay and/or benefits, depending on the nature and length of leave. Leaves that are generally permitted include the following:

  • Vacation/Personal days (as applicable by position)
  • Illness
  • Family illness
  • Bereavement
  • Military
  • Jury Duty

Additional forms of leave may be available based on the terms and conditions of applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Family Medical Leave

The District will grant family and medical leave to eligible employees in  accordance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Military Leave

The District shall grant military leave as provided by law to each staff member who is a member of a United States Military Reserve Unit or a member of the Washington National Guard for a period not to exceed fifteen days during each calendar year, provided such reservist has been called to, or volunteered for, active duty or active duty training. Such military leave of absence shall be in addition to any vacation to which the staff member may be entitled and shall not result in any loss of rating, privileges, or pay. During the period of military leave, the staff member shall receive his/her base pay from the District.

Employees whose school District employment is interrupted by military service as provided by law are entitled to re-employment by the District following their discharge. The superintendent shall ensure these re-employment rights consistent with state and federal law.

Leave Sharing

The District offers a leave sharing plan in which eligible employees may donate excess leave for use by a staff member who is suffering from an extraordinary or severe illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition. 

This program is intended to extend leave benefits to a staff member who otherwise would have to take leave without pay or terminate his or her employment with the District.

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Adoption Date: 10/28/99
Revised: 6/8/00, 10/08/15 

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