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Policy No. 5310
Human Resources

The District recognizes the need to provide fair, equitable and competitive wages and benefits for all its staff in order to employ high caliber personnel throughout the organization. The district also recognizes that compensation and benefits programs must encourage excellence and promote high levels of performance. Further, the District recognizes its obligations under the state's collective bargaining statutes to negotiate in good faith for wages and benefits with the duly authorized representatives of employee groups as provided by law. Salary schedules for employees in collective bargaining agreements shall be ratified by the Board.

The Superintendent shall establish salary schedules for non-represented staff based upon market studies and other independent methods for determining fair, equitable and competitive wages.

Adoption Date: 10/13/60
Revision Dates: 11/30/60; 2/29/68; 7/1/70; 7/1/71; 5/11/78: 2/22/79; 7/14/83; 4/28/88; 8/30/90; 11/14/91; 11/10/94; 10/28/99; 10/08/15 

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