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Policy No. 5270
Human Resources

The Board recognizes the importance of establishing reasonable and effective means for resolving difficulties that may arise among staff to reduce potential areas of dispute and to establish and maintain recognized two-way channels of communication between supervisory personnel and staff.

The Board intends to expedite the process for all concerned parties. Employees are urged to use Regulation 5270 whenever he or she believes that a District action has aggrieved them. The procedures are established to secure a proper and equitable solution to a complaint at the lowest possible supervisory level and to facilitate an orderly procedure within which solutions may be pursued.

A complaint may be a claim by a staff member based upon alleged violation, misinterpretation, or a misapplication of existing District policies or regulations, with the expectation of policies and regulations that have specific complaint resolution mechanisms included.
Grievances related to allegations of violation, misinterpretation, or a misapplication of collective bargaining agreements shall be resolved in the manner set forth in the applicable collective bargaining agreement. In the event that the applicable collective bargaining agreement does not address these types of grievances, this policy shall apply.

Adoption Date: 10/28/99, Revised 10/08/15 

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