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Regulation 5253R

Guidelines for employee participation in political activities are as follows:

  • Any employee who intends to campaign for an elective political office is encouraged to submit a statement of intent to the Superintendent at least two weeks prior to the filing date. The letter of intent to file for political office shall include a statement which outlines:
    • The degree to which the employee might request leave to campaign or carry out the duties of the elective office during work hours;
    • The anticipated release time to conduct the duties associated with the elective office.
  • The employee who intends to campaign for an elective office shall not:
    • Engage in political activities during the working hours of the employee unless the employee is taking appropriate leave approved in advance by his/her supervisor. This shall not preclude the employee from renting space in district facilities if such space is available on a rental basis for candidates who are not associated with the District;
    • Distribute political circulars, petitions or endorsements on District property;
    • Collect campaign funds and/or solicit campaign workers on District property;
    • Use students for writing or addressing political materials, or distribution of such materials to or by students.
  • An employee may not campaign for a political candidate or for a political issue during work hours on District property.
  • Employees who hold elective office are not entitled to release time from their work duties for reasons incidental to such office except as such time may qualify under the leave policies of the Board or a provision of an applicable collective bargaining labor agreement.
  • Violation of any of the stated rules may constitute sufficient cause for discipline or dismissal.

Approved: 2/5/01, Revised 11/03/2015

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