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Policy 5240
Human Resources

It is the policy of the Board of Directors that all staff be evaluated on their performance on a regular basis. The proper evaluation of staff is an integral part in improving student achievement and the efficiency of district operations.

A. Evaluation of Non-Supervisory Certificated Staff

Certificated staff shall be evaluated annually. Evaluative criteria and timelines are to be consistent with the criteria identified in Washington law. Any evaluative criteria are contained in the collective bargaining agreement between the District and Tacoma Education Association must be consistent with Washington law and regulation, though the District and the Tacoma Education Association can agree to additional procedures related to evaluation beyond those required by law. 

B. Evaluation of Principals and Assistant Principals

Each principal and assistant principal shall be evaluated annually. Evaluation criteria shall include, but not be limited to: the ability to create a school culture that promotes the ongoing improvement of learning and teaching for students and staff; the ability to create and provide for a safe school environment; the ability to develop, implement, and evaluate a data-driven plan to increase student achievement; the ability to assist instructional staff with alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment with state and local district learning goals; the ability to monitor, assist, and evaluate effective instruction and assessment practices; the ability to understand school finance issues and manage both staff and fiscal resources to support student achievement and legal responsibilities; the ability to partner with the school community to promote student learning; and the ability to demonstrate a commitment to closing the achievement gap.

C. Evaluation of Represented Classified Staff

The process and criteria for evaluating classified represented staff shall be based upon the job description and any applicable criteria and process contained in the relevant collective bargaining agreement.

D. Evaluation of Exempt Staff 

The process and criteria for evaluating non-represented staff shall be based upon the job description and an evaluation tool that reflects principles of strengthening school district central offices in the service of improved teaching and learning.  

The Superintendent shall be evaluated annual by the Board consistent with the Superintendent’s employment contract.


Cross References:       Board Policy 5230 Job Responsibilities

Legal References:        RCW 28A.405.100 Minimum criteria for the evaluation of certificated employees, including                                                                      administrators--Procedure--Scope—Penalty 

                                               28A.405.110 Evaluations--Legislative findings

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                                               28A.405.130 Training in evaluation procedures required


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                                              392-191-020 Minimum evaluation criteria--certificated support personnel

                                              392-191-035 Conduct of the Evaluation

                                              392-191-045 Use of Evaluation Results

Adoption Date: 08/13/06, Revised 10/08/15

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