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Policy 5222
Human Resources

It is the policy of the Board of Directors to permit employee job sharing when recommended by the Superintendent, provided that in no case should the cost to the District of a shared position be greater than the cost of a regular position. Employees and applicants who wish to share a job must meet the minimum qualifications for the particular position. Employees who are placed on probation are ineligible for job-sharing. Once probation has been successfully completed the employee may apply for job-sharing.

The District reserves the authority to:

A. Determine which positions are authorized for job-sharing assignments, if any;

B. Require job-sharing employees to attend staff training or other staff development activities;

C. Terminate any job-sharing assignment, or change a job-sharing position to a full time position held by one employee, at the sole discretion of the District;

D. Approve or deny any request to create a job-sharing position in a position currently held by one employee, or vice versa;

E. Require job-sharing staff members to work full-time in the event of the termination or resignation of one of the job-sharing staff members, or until such time as a replacement can be hired, at the sole discretion of the District; and

F. Adjust the times where the job-sharing staff is reporting to work consistent with any adjustment to the schedule of the school or work-site at issue.


Cross References:  Board Policy 5215 Assignment and Transfer of Certificated Administrative Staff


Legal References:   RCW 28A.400.300 Hiring and discharging employees--Leaves for employees--Seniority and                                                                    leave benefits, retention upon transfers between schools

                                          28A.405.070 Job Sharing

Adoption Date: 10/28/99, Revised 10/08/15

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