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Policy 5202 
Human Resources

The Board of Directors directs the Superintendent to verify that any vendor with which the District contracts for its transportation services has established programs and procedures as mandated by, and in accordance with, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) controlled substances and alcohol testing rules. Those programs and procedures shall include testing requirements, education, training, and referral services. 

District employees who possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL) as part of their job responsibilities shall abide by the appropriate regulations found within the collective bargaining agreement. It is the responsibility of the District supervisor to inform the employee possessing the CDL of all relevant collective bargaining agreement procedures regarding prohibited activities.

In the event that the District hires a non-represented employee possessing a CDL as part of his or her job responsibilities, the Superintendent is authorized to develop guidelines regarding prohibited activities.


Cross References:  Board Policy  5010 Employee Conduct Rules 

                                                      5201   Drug-Free Schools, Community and Workplace

Legal Reference:                          49 CFR  382.101 - 382.601

                                                      49 CFR  392.5

Management Resources: Policy News, February 1999; December 2001

Adoption Date: 10/28/99, Revised 10/08/2015

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