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Policy 5000
Human Resources

It is the policy of the Board of Directors that staff recruitment and selection directly support the needs of the District. Staff shall be recruited in a timely manner and selected to support and strengthen the learning needs of students.  Decisions about hiring, assigning, or transferring staff are based on maximizing the selected skills of staff members within various District programs and schools. Applicable collective bargaining agreement language shall be followed when hiring, assigning, or transferring staff.

The Superintendent or designee is authorized to develop hiring guidelines to ensure that federal, state, and local laws are followed when screening, interviewing, and hiring applicants. The Superintendent or designee is to establish the necessary education, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities and past performance levels for each position.  The District’s Human Resources Department will provide screening and oversight to ensure that the most qualified candidates are referred to interview teams. 

All offers of employment are made to be made by Human Resources staff under the direction of the Superintendent after the screening, interview, and reference check process, subject to the recommendation of the Superintendent and the approval of the School Board. This includes offers of promotion to existing employees or changes in assignment of existing employees either among bargaining units or to exempt positions.  

The Superintendent has the final authority for candidate selection, subject to Board approval. In the event an authorized position must be filled before the Board can take action, the Superintendent has the authority to fill the position on a temporary basis. The Board will act on the Superintendent's recommendation to fill the vacancy at its next regular meeting.



Staff positions are approved by the Board to support the District’s comprehensive program of education. New positions are established by the Superintendent as needed. Selection of staff is based on which candidate is the most qualified for the position and pursuant to the District’s standard screening, interview, reference check process, collective bargaining agreements, and legal requirements.

It is the policy of the Board that the employment of a diverse work force is desired, particularly in positions that have regular interactions with our diverse student population consistent with the District’s Commitment to Equity and Diversity, as set out in Policy 3111.  

The District also recognizes that developing and extending the skills of current staff adds value to the organization and advocates that existing staff performing at an outstanding level be considered for leadership opportunities.



Schools and departments shall review staffing levels as part of the budget process. The filling of individual positions is done with consideration of salary issues, budget parameters, collective bargaining agreements, school/department needs that consider student and program success, and legal requirements. The Superintendent designee shall report on an annual basis to the School Board the number of employees hired over the last 12 months, the number of current and expected vacancies, and the steps taken to address staff recruitment for anticipated hiring needs, including hard-to-staff subject areas.



To successfully recruit staff, the Board supports efforts that actively and strategically market the District’s strengths to possible candidates. The Board supports communications to staff, professional associations, employee bargaining units, teacher and professional preparation programs in higher education, students, parents, and the larger community to inform them of the District’s hiring needs, particularly for difficult-to-staff positions. The District is committed to hiring those people best prepared and able to support the District’s efforts to improve academic outcomes for all of its students.



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                             Management Resources: Policy News, December 2014

Adoption Date: 10/28/1999

Revised Date: 10/08/2015

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