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Regulation 4405R
Community Relations

Reporting Requirements for Public Agency Lobbying

Employees must seek prior approval to participate in lobbying activities on behalf of the district.  Employees who intend to participate in such activities will seek the approval of the Superintendent or designee.
Employees who lobby on behalf of the district or during regular work hours must complete the reporting requirement in a timely manner.   Information on reporting can be found on the District intranet by searching for “lobby”.  Failure to report lobbying activities may result in penalties for the district or the individual.   
An employee intending to lobby on behalf of their union or not at the request of the district should request in advance to use appropriate leave and that leave should be claimed on the employee’s attendance report.

Reportable activities include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Attempts to influence any portion of a budget request once it leaves Office of Financial Management (OFM) and is before the legislature.
  • Attempts to influence the Governor with respect to signing or vetoing legislation.
  • In person contacts with Legislative staff, including testifying at hearings (except when asked).
  • Efforts to inform, sway, convince or otherwise influence the action or inaction of legislative staff members.
  • Gift, travel, contribution and entertainment expenditures for legislators and staffers alike, whether using public or non-public dollars.
  • Attempts to influence a state agency's adoption, repeal or amendment of a rule, rate, standard or other legislative enactment of the agency.
  • Attempts to change a state agency's rule, rate or standard.
  • A government agency paying a monthly retainer to a contract lobbyist.
  • All employee related expenditures (travel, salary, etc.) spent to support the in-person lobbying efforts of district employees unless specifically included in the “non-reportable” column.
  • All expenditures over $25, including non-public funds of an elected official, spent by district employees in conjunction with the agency's in-person lobbying program. (Example: an assistant director takes two legislators to lunch to discuss pending legislation.)

Cross Reference    Policy 4400 – Election Activities 

Approval Date: 1/20/2015
Revised Date: 1/24/2023


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