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Policy No. 4310
Community Relations

The primary responsibility for maintaining proper order and conduct in the schools is that of staff. Staff shall be responsible for holding students accountable for infractions of school rules, which may include minor violations of the law occurring during school hours or at school activities. Where there is substantial threat to the health and safety of students or others such as in the case of bomb threats, mass demonstrations with threat of violence, individual threats of substantial bodily harm, trafficking in prohibited drugs or the scheduling of events where large crowds may be difficult to handle, law enforcement shall be called upon for assistance. Information regarding major violations of the law shall be communicated to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The district shall strive to develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with law enforcement. The superintendent or designee shall meet with law enforcement, the local fire department, child protective authorities and health department officials to establish agreed-upon regulations for cooperation between law enforcement, child protective, health and school authorities. Such regulations should address the handling of child abuse and neglect allegations and cases, the handling of bomb threats, arrests by law enforcement officers on school premises, the availability of law enforcement personnel for crowd control purposes, the processes for investigating possible criminal activity involving students, reporting of communicable disease cases and investigations, and other matters that affect school and law enforcement cooperation. Such regulations shall be made available to affected staff and periodically revised.

Cross Reference:

  • Board Policy 3231 Student Records

Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.635.020 Willfully disobeying school administrative personnel or refusing to leave public property, violations, when—Penalty
  • RCW 26.44.050 Taking child into custody without court order
  • RCW 26.44.110 Written statement required
  • RCW 26.44.115 Notice required

Adoption Date: 2/11/99

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