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Policy 4260
Community Relations

The buildings, grounds and facilities of Tacoma School District No. 10 are primarily to serve the educational needs of the students of the district. No other use shall be permitted to interfere with this primary purpose.
Outside of regular school hours, schools are considered centers of learning and should primarily support educational and athletic programs and activities for Tacoma students.

School facilities are purchased with public funds; therefore, facilities will be made available to the public for a fee. Fees are charged to provide ongoing maintenance for increased use of facilities and staffing needs for events and activities.
Activities directly related to the educational programs of the district shall have first priority in the use of facilities. Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered endorsement or approval of the activity, group or organization or the purposes it represents.

This policy applies to short-term and hourly use of district buildings, rooms, and grounds. Facility rentals do not include use of Tacoma School District equipment.
The intent of this policy is to provide a service to the community but not to compete with local business establishments. Tacoma School District does not wish to compete unfairly with private enterprise and therefore reserves the right for the Chief Operating Officer or designee to reject any applications for use of district facilities when he/she believes a commercial facility should be patronized or for any other legitimate, non-discriminatory reason.

User Group Categories & Priority Access
For purposes of identifying appropriate fees to be applied and determining priority access, the following user group categories have been created and presented in order of priority access rights. Organizations in contract with the District may have alternate rental fees and/or priority access as defined in those agreements.

1. Group 1 - District
          a. Official district/school departments, programs, groups, and activities
          b. Metro Parks Tacoma based upon the Joint Facility Use Agreement

2. Group 2 - Nonprofit
          a. PTAs and Booster Clubs
          b. Nonprofit organizations located within the City of Tacoma that are providing services or                             programming for district students or staff.
          c. All other nonprofit organizations.
          d. Public service/government agencies, including civic and service groups

3. Group 3 – All other
          a. All other groups and individuals (private, commercial, etc.)

When determining priority for access, groups that have their own facilities may be denied use of district facilities or may be prioritized below other requests.

Facility Use Rental Rate Tiers
For rental purposes, the following fees/costs shall apply:

1. Tier 1 – Cost Reimbursement – Based upon actual support staff overtime incurred
        a. Official district or school sponsored programs or activities
        b. PTA and Booster events and activities

2. Tier 2 – Discounted Rates ($)
        a. Group 2 events serving TPS students/staff (75%+ of roster) with <50 attendees

3. Tier 3 – Discounted Rates ($$)
        a. Group 2 events with <50 attendees
        b. Group 2 events serving TPS students/staff (75%+ of roster) with >50 attendees

4. Tier 4 – Discounted Rates ($$$)
        a. Group 2 events with >50 attendees

5. Tier 5 – Standard Rates ($$$$)
        a. All commercial, for-profit, and business-related events/activities
        b. All other activities

Additional fees may be required in the District’s discretion based upon the nature of the facility use including but not limited to security, parking enforcement, extra custodial obligations, staffing, or district-placed additional insurance. Non-commercial Washington State non-profit organizations with an active agreement or partnership with the district will be charged in accordance with the agreement or contract on file.

The determination of whether an activity supports Tacoma students or staff shall be made by the school principal in coordination with district administration based on this policy. Where the program involves multiple schools, the determination shall be made by the District’s Director of Athletics and Activities, in consultation with the affected principals.

The superintendent is authorized to establish Regulations for use of facilities consistent with this policy, including, but not limited to, procedures for reserving spaces in accordance with priority among users, rental rates, supervisory requirements, background checks, insurance, nondiscrimination, compliance with RCW 28A.600, safety and security, and other requirements.

Legal References
AGO 1973 No. 26 Initiative No. 276 – School districts – Use of school facilities for presentation of Programs – Legislature – Elections
RCW 28A.320.510 Night schools, summer schools, meeting, use of facilities for
28A.335.150 Permitting use and rental of playgrounds, athletic fields, or athletic facilities

Adoption Date: 1/12/2006 

Revised Date: 1/23/2020

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