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Policy No. 4216
Community Relations

The board of directors recognizes the adverse impact of outdoor advertising of liquor, cannabis, and tobacco upon students in its schools. The promotion of liquor, cannabis, and tobacco in the vicinity of schools is contrary to the district’s efforts to teach children about the dangers of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco use and to make appropriate decisions to not use alcohol, cannabis or tobacco.

The board directs the superintendent to object to the placement of outdoor advertising of liquor and/or tobacco within 500 feet of school sites and to convey said objection to the appropriate administrative body, including, but no limited to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. The board also recognizes that:

  1. RCW 66.24.010(9) requires the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to send a notice by certified mail to schools within 500 feet of a proposed liquor or cannabis license;
  2. many Tacoma Public Schools are located in commercial districts, which add to the vibrancy of our community; and
  3. the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis board, not the District, is the agency best suited to make decisions about granting liquor or cannabis licenses.

Provided that there is an agreement to comply with WAC 314-52-070, the District will ordinarily not object to an application for a liquor or cannabis license within 500 feet of a school, absent extenuating circumstances.

Legal Reference:

  • WAC 314-52-070 Outdoor Advertising

Cross Reference:

  • Board Policy 5010 Employee Conduct Rules
  • Board Policy 5201 Drug-Free Schools, Community and Workplace

Adoption Date: 9/13/90
Revised: 2/11/99, 10/25/2018

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