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Regulation 4200R

Visitors/ Right to Access School Property

The following guidelines are established to permit visitors to observe the educational program and attend school activities with minimal disruption:

  • During the school work day, all visitors must register at the main office upon their arrival at school and shall conspicuously display the badge provided by office staff while on school property.
  • Visitors whose purpose is to influence or solicit students shall not be permitted on the school grounds unless the visit furthers the educational program of the district.
  • If the visitor wishes to observe a classroom, the time shall be arranged after the principal has conferred with the teacher.
  • If the purpose of the classroom visitation is to observe learning and teaching activities, the visitor may be asked to confer with the teacher before or after the observation to enhance understanding of the activities.
  • The principal may withhold approval to observe particular events (such as testing) which could be adversely affected by a visit.
  • The principal may withhold approval or place limitations on access to school events or school property if he/she has reason to believe that the visitor’s presence at the school will disrupt classroom procedures or learning activity.
  • The principal shall give the visitor reasons for limitations on access or a refusal to allow access. If the visitor is the parent of a student, and access to the classroom, a school activity, or school property is denied, the principal shall inform the parent in writing of the decision to deny access and the grounds for such decision.
  • If the visitor disagrees with the decision of the principal regarding limitations upon or withholding of approval for visits:
    • The visitor shall submit a written request for reconsideration or modification of the limitations to the principal;
    • The principal shall consider the written request and inform the visitor, in writing, of his/her decision within five business days of receiving the request for reconsideration or modification.
    • If the visitor disagrees with the principal’s decision, the visitor may request a meeting with the principal’s supervisor or the supervisor’s designee. The supervisor or his/her designee shall promptly meet with the visitor, review any evidence presented by the visitor, investigate the dispute and render a written decision within three business days of the meeting. The supervisor’s/designee’s decision shall be final, subject to a right of appeal under RCW 28A. 645.010.
  • If a visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is committing a disruptive act or invites another person to do so, a staff member may exercise the right to order the visitor off school premises. If the visitor fails to comply, the staff member shall contact the school office which may, in turn, report the disturbance to a law enforcement officer.

Adoption Date: 12/15/77
Revised: 2/11/99; 11/30/10

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