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Regulation 4140R

District and individual school programs, including student activities, may require financial support beyond what is provided by state, local, and federal resources. Therefore, it is important that the district build partnerships with the community, businesses, and schools such that business leaders, educators, parents, community members, and district officials work together to embrace practical, responsible revenue-generating community partnerships and commercial activities that benefit the community and students of Tacoma.

School-based community/business partnerships should be based on sound principles governing commercial activities that contribute to a high-quality education. Any commercial activity involving the district or individual school(s) programs must be consistent with the law, board policies, the district’s mission, strategic plan, and educational goals.

Revenues derived through corporate, business, or other third party non-district organizations shall be used to enhance student achievement, enrich educational and/or extra-curricular experiences, provide training for staff, or sustain quality learning environments and opportunities.


The district may allow advertising in specified school and/or district areas, in publications, at special activities and/or events, and on certain materials and clothing products. This includes names of corporate sponsors and/or donors. If a sponsor’s corporate logo, name, or trademark is used, it must include the appropriate legal copyright and/or trademark notification. Basic types of advertising may include, but are not limited to, advertising on scoreboards and/or billboards in athletic areas, posters, pamphlets, book covers, district websites, district television channel, and in publications. In no instance shall the district accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, violence, gambling, pornographic or illegal materials, or materials which represent these in a positive light. Advertisements may be rejected by the district if determined by the superintendent or designee(s) to be inconsistent with educational objectives of the district.

The inclusion of advertisements in district publications, in district facilities, or on district property does not constitute approval and/or endorsement of any product, organization, or activity.

Corporate and Individuals Sponsorships and Naming Rights 

Corporations and individuals may sponsor educational events, activities, programs, contests, extracurricular activities, sporting events and/or teams. The district may acknowledge the sponsorship by allowing promotional messaging or brand names on the materials and/or items associated with the activities and may include, but are not limited to, sponsor’s name, corporate logo, and/or trademarks. Naming rights for buildings, a particular portion of a building (technology wing, library, etc.), and athletic facilities or fields may be granted by the district. The proceeds may be used to help build and/or sustain these facilities and/or support on-going activities associated with these facilities or fields. The naming rights may be for designated periods of time based on the amount and terms agreed upon by the district and the donor(s).


The district or individual school(s) may acknowledge a donation it has received from an organization by displaying a “donated by” or a similar by-line with the organization’s name and/or symbol on the item. All guidelines established in regulation 6114R, Gifts, as it relates to this regulation, must be followed.


District staffing may be augmented or enhanced through corporate and/or individual sponsors or donations from organizations or individuals. All additional staffing requests for full-time, part-time, or hourly staff, including additional stipends, will be reviewed and approved by the superintendent or designee(s) to ensure equity across the district.


School publications, including, but not limited to, vehicles such as programs and calendars, yearbooks and event programs, may accept and publish paid advertising provided they receive advanced approval from the appropriate administrator. At the building level, the appropriate administrator is responsible for screening all such advertising for appropriateness, including compliance with district policies prohibiting sexual, racial, and religious harassment. For district publications, the Communications Department is responsible for screening all such advertising.

Electronic Communications 

Electronic communication, including, but not limited to, websites, videos, and television programs, created for or by the district may solicit or accept program sponsorship labeling/messaging, commercial, or nonprofit advertising in support of such programming. Companies/nonprofit groups must have exclusive written permission from the district in advance. 


School and extra-curricular activity uniforms (official or otherwise) shall not carry commercial or nonprofit advertising or promotional emblems except for those manufacturer’s logos as allowed by the National Federation of State High School Association rules and approved by the superintendent or designee(s).


Nonprofit entities and organizations may be allowed to use the district name, students, and/or facilities for the purpose of advertising, if the purpose is determined to be educationally related, and prior approval is obtained. Advertising will be limited to the specific event or purpose.


All advertising revenues must be accounted for, deposited, and reported in the appropriate district bank account, designated trust account, or foundation. Appropriate accounting codes and/or accounts will be established and recorded to the appropriate accounts as determined by the district’s finance office.

Guidelines for District Evaluation Process 

Each community partnership and/or commercial activity including advertising, corporate and individual sponsorships, and naming rights will be reviewed and approved by the superintendent or designee(s). The following information below will be considered if the opportunity is appropriate.

  • The community partnership and/or commercial activity will promote the development of student or staff learning, skills, interest or participation in school and extracurricular activities.
  • The community partnership and/or commercial activity has a direct and/or measurable impact on learning.
  • The community partnership and/or commercial activity supports the construction of or sustainability of district facilities, stadiums, or athletic fields.
  • The community partnership and/or commercial activity is open to all students who can appropriately participate, without being capped or limited in a manner that discriminates against any student or groups of students.
  • The community partnership and/or commercial activity is not detrimental to the health and well being of students or staff.
  • The community partnership and/or commercial activity does not require students to watch/read advertisements in order to use materials/equipment.
  • The community partnership and/or commercial activity should not require or entice students to purchase products or require teachers, students, and/or parents/guardians to promote these products. 
  • Prior to acceptance, the appropriate departments will evaluate the future financial impact on the district, the maintenance impact, and the overall safety of the items that would potentially be donated.
  • Prior to the acceptance, all information describing and explaining the source of all contributions and donations will be reported to the district.

Program Evaluation 

Each year the superintendent shall make an annual report to the board reviewing the use and
efficacy of this regulation. This report will include board and cabinet recommendations for
changes to the regulation, if applicable.

Cross Reference:

  • Board Regulation 6114R Gifts

Approval Date: 03/26/2009 

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