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Policy No. 4060
Community Relations

The schools may communicate information through students regarding schools, school programs and nonschool programs offered by nonprofit organizations that in the opinion of the principal have social, recreational or educational value to the students. Students shall be encouraged to participate in the presentation of educational programs to the community. The effect on students of such communications and participation shall be given paramount consideration. The principal shall establish appropriate safeguards to prevent the exploitation of students by individuals or groups.

Any nonprofit group that seeks to distribute information about its program shall submit a description to the superintendent or designee describing the relationship of the proposed activity to the educational program.

Neither staff nor students shall be asked to disseminate political campaign materials from schools nor shall any of the district’s facilities or communications services be used to disseminate such material.

Cross References:

  • Board Policy 2340 Religious-Related Activities and Practices

Management Resources:

  • Policy News, April 2005 Distribution of Materials

Adoption Date: 10/28/04
Revised: 4/12/12 

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