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Policy No. 4040
Community Relations

Access to documents concerning the administration and operations of the District shall be afforded to the public as provided by the Public Records Act, consistent with the right of individuals to privacy and of the efficient administration of the district. Public access to District Records shall be provided according to the procedures developed by the superintendent and periodically reviewed by the board.

“District Records” include any writing containing information relating to the conduct of operations and functions of the District which is prepared, owned, used, or retained by the District. “Writing” means handwriting, typewriting, printing, photocopying, photographing, and every other means of recording any form of communication or representation, including but not limited to letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, or combination thereof, and all papers, maps, magnetic or paper tapes, photographic films and prints, motion picture, film and video recordings, magnetic or punched cards, discs, drums, electronically stored data including e-mail, diskettes, sound recordings and other
documents including existing data compilations from which information may be obtained or translated.

The superintendent or designee shall serve as “Public Records Officer” with responsibility and authority for ensuring compliance with the availability, inspection, and copying requirements of state law and this policy. He/she shall authorize the inspection and copying of the District’s records only in accordance with the criteria set forth in this policy.

The District shall make available for public inspection and copying all District Records except those exempt from disclosure under law, including but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and RCW 42.56.

Cross Reference:

  • Board Policy 3231 Student Records

Legal Reference:

  • 20 USC Section 1232(g) Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • RCW 42.56 Public Records Act

Adoption Date: 2/11/99
Amended: 2/24/11

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