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Policy No. 4000
Community Relations

The board of directors believes it is the responsibility of each board member, as well as each employee of the district, to actively pursue a two-way communications program that highlights the educational experiences in the public schools and promotes effective school/home/community partnerships. The board further believes that the members of the public of the district, as well as the staff and students, should be consulted and involved in the problem-solving and decision-making processes.

The superintendent shall establish and maintain a community relations program with the following goals:

  • Encourage and enhance communication, understanding, trust and mutual support between the district and the people it serves;
  • Increase both the quality and quantity of public participation in school affairs, activities, programs, and decision making;
  • Strengthen and improve relations and interactions among employees and members of the public, parents and students, and;
  • Promote understanding and cooperation among the schools and community groups.

Staff share the responsibility for communicating and interpreting the district mission, its policies, programs, goals and objectives to members of the community. Staff will perform their services and functions to the best of their ability and communicate with members of the community, parents, students and other staff in a sincere, courteous and considerate manner. Staff will strive
to develop and maintain cooperative school-community relations and to achieve the understanding and mutual respect that are essential to the success of the district.

Confidential information about students or other staff will be released only as permitted by statute and district policies and procedures.

The superintendent shall identify a department and staff members who have significant community relations responsibilities and establish guidelines for their work. The guidelines will address such matters as authority for making releases and the nature and content of bulletins to parents.

Board members believe it is essential to the development of excellence in the education of district youngsters that the maximum possible knowledge about the goals, achievement, activities and operations of the school district be conveyed to the students, staff and members of the public. The board therefore affirms its commitment to openness in relationships with its patrons. The board further believes that the members of the public of the district, as well as the staff and students, should be consulted and involved in the problem-solving and decision making processes at as early a stage as possible. This involvement should be solicited actively and honestly through a wide variety of means.

The board of directors may authorize the expenditure of funds for the purpose of preparing and distributing information to the general public to explain the instructional program, operation and maintenance of the schools of the district: Provided, that preparation and distribution of information to the general public shall not be for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a school district election.

Cross Reference:

  • Board Policy 2106 Program Compliance
  • Board Policy 2180 Parent, Family and Community Partnerships
  • Board Policy 4020 Confidential Communications
  • Board Policy 4040 Access to Public Records

Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.150.230 Basic Education Act of 1977 – District School directors as accountable for proper operation of district – Scope –Responsibilities

Adoption Date: 6/27/85
Revised: 2/11/99; 4/12/12 

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