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Policy 3520

PURPOSE: Student fees, fines and charges are not intended to be used as student discipline or as a revenue source – rather as an offset for the reasonable replacement or depreciated cost, whichever is applicable, of lost or damaged District property.  Collection efforts should be applied equitably and consistently.

As required under Washington law the District shall provide a free public educational program for students.

The Superintendent  may approve the use of extra-curricular supplementary supplies or materials for which a charge is made to the student so long as the charge does not exceed the cost of the supplies or materials, students are free to purchase them elsewhere, or provide reasonable alterna­tives, and a proper accounting is made of all moneys received by staff for supplies and materials.

The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent to establish appropriate fees and procedures governing the collection of fees and to make reports to the Board regarding fee schedules. Arrange­ments shall be made for the waiver or reduction of fees for students whose families, by reason of their income or other circumstances, would have difficulty paying the full fee. The USDA Child Nutrition Program guidelines may be one factor to determine qualification for waiver. The procedures will include notification to parents of the availability of fee waivers and reductions.

A student shall be responsible for the cost of replacing materials or property which are lost or damaged. The student or their parent(s) or guardian(s) may appeal the imposition of a charge for damages to the Superintendent /designee.

The student and their parent(s) or guardian(s) shall be notified regarding the nature of the violation or damage, how restitution may be made, and how an appeal may be instituted. The student or their parent(s) or guardian(s) shall have the right to an infor­m­al conference with the prin­cipal.  The principal's decision may be appealed by asking for review by the Superintendent /designee.  Efforts to collect fees, fines or charges should occur primarily with parent(s) or guardian(s).  Collection efforts should not embarrass, shame, single-out or burden a student or their educational opportunity.  The existence of an outstanding fee, fine or charge shall not prevent a student from participating in graduation ceremonies or other school-sponsored activities.

If a student has transferred to another school district that has requested the student's official records, but that student has an outstanding fee or fine, the District may continue collection efforts, but the student’s official records shall be sent to the enrolling school. The content of those records shall be communicated to the enrolling district within two school days and copies of the records shall be sent as soon as possible. Student official records include transcripts and diplomas.  


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Adoption Date: 6/22/2000

Revised Date: 9/23/2021 

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