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Regulation 3142R

The following procedures shall apply for the admission of international exchange students to the district.

  • All requests for placement of international exchange students must come through the director of Second Language Acquisition who will review and approve each request, after consultation with enrollment services and building principal to determine if there is space available, into or out of the district, after consultation with the building principal. Notification of approval or denial shall be issued in writing to the individual or his/her representative not later than July 15 following the request. Each request must be submitted by July 1 of the year preceding the contemplated assignment.
  • The sponsoring individual/organization must provide certification that a student will receive adequate financial support and medical insurance for the duration of his/her stay in the district.
  • Program sponsors and/or exchange students shall pay for the student's activity costs and/or other school fees.
  • Sponsoring individuals/agencies will provide necessary student tutorial and personal/social counseling help as needed.
  • The number of exchange students placed at an individual school within the district will be determined by the building principal in consultation with the director of Second Language Acquisition. This requirement does not preclude groups of students from making short-term visits to or from the district as part of cultural or other exchanges.
  • The receipt of a student's certified high school transcript and an English translation, results of a language proficiency test (see G) and immunization shall be required by the district prior to the approval for admission of an international exchange student. All exchange students shall be required to meet government visa requirements.
  • The sponsoring individuals/organizations must provide evidence of English language proficiency through a satisfactory test score on a test of English language proficiency as measured by the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP), Structure Test English Language (STEL), or a comparable test or examination of English language. The rest results shall be provided to the district prior to the student's acceptance.
  • The sponsoring organization must have an experienced representative residing in the Tacoma area. The representative must be able to assist in resolving problems which might arise, including the need to transfer the student to another host family or to return the student to his/her homeland.
  • If international exchange students intend to earn a diploma, they must declare their intent upon application. Students must meet state graduation requirements in order to be considered for a high school diploma. All international exchange students will be expected to comply with the board policies and regulations and school rules.
  • International exchange students participating in organized school athletic programs must meet current Washington Interscholastic Activities Association criteria.
  • Exchange organizations without a J-1 authorization will not be permitted to place students in the district. F-1 students requesting enrollment will be required to pay a tuition cost of $3,500 before an I-20 form is issued. Payments must be made in the form of money orders or cashiers checks. A complete application packet must accompany the payment and will contain transcripts, proof of English mastery, Affidavit of Support, Immunization, insurance coverage, and verification of a family committed to hosting the student for one year.
  • A host family must be in place before the district is asked to accept the international exchange student. Hosting families are required to observe all the responsibilities listed in sections B, C, and D.
  • Placement of international students will be for the duration of one school year. The district will grant semester placements if a request is made no less than one month prior to the beginning of the contemplated semester and if there is space available at the school being requested.
  • If in the judgment of the school district a sponsoring organization/family did not meet its responsibilities as outlined above, the sponsoring organization/family will be denied the opportunity to place a student(s) in any of the district’s school the following year.

Adoption Date: 10/3/01

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