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Regulation 3140R

A parent/guardian or student who is at least 18 years old, who desires to have the student attend a public school in a school district outside the boundaries of Tacoma School District shall request the release of the student by annually completing the appropriate district form and submitting it to enrollment services. The information on the form shall include the basis for the request. Enrollment Services shall grant or deny the request for release according to the criteria set out in Policy 3140.

If the request is granted, enrollment services shall notify the parent or adult student and the nonresident district.

If the request is denied, enrollment services shall notify the parent of the right of appeal to the superintendent/designee, to review the denial. Such petition must be received within five (5) district workdays of the notification of denial for review of the decision. A hearing on the petition will be held within ten (10) district workdays of receipt. Following the hearing by the superintendent/designee, a decision shall be promptly communicated to the parent in writing and the recommendation to deny the release submitted to the board of directors.

If the request for release is denied by the board of directors, the parent or guardian shall be notified by enrollment services in writing of the right to appeal such decision to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Resident parents shall be informed of interdistrict enrollment options annually. The department of enrollment services shall make available for public inspection the Superintendent of Public Instruction's annual information booklet on enrollment options at each school building, the central office and local public libraries.

This regulation was originally adopted June 28, 1990. It was revised on March 23, 1995, October 12, 1995 and February 6, 2001. The original regulation was Interdistrict Transfers - 3550.7.

Adoption Dates: 2/6/01

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