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Regulation 3114R

Home-based (home-schooled) instruction may be provided by a parent who has filed a declaration of intent with the superintendent by September 15, or within two (2) weeks of the beginning of any quarter, trimester or semester. Parents may file their declaration of intent with the school district in which they reside or in a school district that has accepted their student pursuant to the district’s nonresident admission process.

All decisions relating to philosophy or doctrine, selection of books, teaching materials and curriculum, and methods, timing, place, and provision for the evaluation of home-based (homeschooled) instruction shall be the responsibility of the parent. Failure of a parent to comply with the standards as specified in the law constitutes a violation of the compulsory attendance law.

Suggested procedures for home-based (home-schooled) students are as follows:

  • Distribute SPI - developed letter of intent to interested parents upon request.
  • Attempt to meet with the parent to determine if the parent wishes to enter into an off-campus program agreement.
  • If an off-campus program agreement is not established, clarify the parent's responsibility in providing home-based (home-schooled) instruction including instructional time, subject matter, testing and student records.
  • If a parent determines that supervision by a certificated teacher is necessary to satisfy qualifications to provide home-based (home-schooled) instruction, inform the parent that he/she is expected to select and pay for such supervision. The district will, if requested, assist the parent in securing instructional materials, provided that the parent shall bear the cost of such materials.
  • Advise the parent of the right to enroll the student for part-time instruction and/or to receive ancillary services.
    • If the parent wishes to enroll the child for off-campus instruction (WAC 392-121-181), develop an agreement for each subject which provides for:
      • The objective(s) of the program;
      • The teaching component(s) of the program, including where and when teaching activities will be conducted by school district certificated staff;
      • A schedule of the duration of the program, including beginning and ending dates within the school year;
      • A description of how student performance will be supervised, evaluated, and recorded by the certificated staff or by qualified school district employees under the direct supervision of the certificated staff; and
      • A description of intervention techniques and criteria for their use.
    • Maintain proper documentation that includes the written plan, a log of contacts made with parent and student (verification by signature of parent), a log of meetings with a
    • Assign a certificated staff member to supervise the parent and student typical schedule: four (4) hours/month with parent and student; four (4) hours/month with classroom teacher.
    • Claim student as "enrolled" for purposes of state financial support.

Adoption Date: 1/9/01

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