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Policy No. 2421

Through systems and practices employed at the district, school, and classroom levels staff shall monitor and support the academic achievement of all children. Curriculum and instruction shall be designed and implemented in a manner that helps students attain established grade-level standards and be successful at the next grade level. In grades kindergarten through eighth, after a student has successfully completed a year of study at a specific grade level, he/she is promoted to the next grade level. In high school, students are promoted to the next grade level after accumulating a specific number of required and elective credits.

Early identification of student needs, focused support and intervention, and the development of partnerships between home and school are integral elements in assuring student success. When a student is not demonstrating continuous progress toward grade-level standards in reading, writing, and mathematics, a student learning plan will be developed to provide interventions designed to assist the student in meeting the standards. The student learning plan will incorporate interventions provided by the school, by the parent(s) and by the student.

Based on an extensive body of research on retention, the Tacoma School District generally does not support retaining students in the same grade for a second year in elementary and middle schools. Principals and teachers will work with parents to find instructional alternatives to retention, that will give students the opportunity to be educated with their peers. Retention will be considered for appropriate situations.

The superintendent or designee shall establish procedures which provide for the development of student learning plans to monitor and support student learning and address grade placement alternatives.

Cross References:

  • Board Policy 2080 Comprehensive Student Assessment System
  • Board Policy 2090 Program Evaluation

Adoption Date: 05/11/06 

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