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Policy 2420

The Purpose of Grading 
The District prioritizes opportunities for students, families, teachers, and other District staff to dialogue and engage around evidence of student learning and growth. Student grading and report cards are communication tools that encourage students, teachers and families to value an individual student's learning, uniqueness, and complexity. 

Grades will be communicated in a manner that:

  1. Accurately documents and communicates student progress toward meeting standards.
  2. Provides timely non-biased feedback to facilitate reflection, self-evaluation, and growth. 
  3. Are inclusive and equitable.

The Board believes that the cooperation of school and home is a vital ingredient in the growth and education of the student and recognizes the responsibility to keep parents families informed of student welfare and progress in school. 

The issuance of grades, written progress reports and parent/guardian/family conferences on a regular schedule serves as the basis for continuous communication about the student's performance and determining changes that should be made to support improvement. These written and verbal reports shall be designed to provide information that will be meaningful to the student, teacher, counselor and parent families. 

Grading Practices will be:

  • Based on district-adopted standards the District will establish consistent grading scales at the secondary and elementary levels.
  • Grades reflect evidence of student learning and therefore do not generally include attendance student behavior or attitude, or academic dishonesty.
  • Schools will work with families around late or missing work. 
  • No one (1) assignment or assessment can have a greater impact than one (1) full letter grade. 
  • Teachers will add report card comments each grading period (semester or trimester) to help families monitor student progress and participation in class. 
  • No students may be assigned a final grade of failure unless prior notice has been sent to the parent/guardian/family in sufficient time for the student to correct the deficiency. 

The District shall comply with the marking/grading system incorporated into the statewide standardized high school transcript.  Secondary student's grade points shall be reported for each term, individually and cumulatively.

The Superintendent/designee will establish a system of reporting student progress and shall require all staff members to comply with such a system as part of their teaching responsibility.

The Superintendent/designee is authorized to develop and implement the necessary regulations for the administration of this policy. 

Cross References:

  • Board Policy 3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences
  • Board Policy 3520 Student Fines, Fees and Charges

Legal References:

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Adoption Date: 1/27/2000

Revised Date: 6/08/2023

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