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Policy 2416


The Board of Directors for Tacoma Public Schools is committed to providing graduation pathways that are student-focused, adaptable, rigorous, and provide meaningful ways for students to demonstrate appropriate readiness in support of their individualized career and college goals. As part of that commitment, District offers multiple pathway options to meet the required pathway component of the state’s graduation requirements, including a performance-based pathway for high school graduation. As required by WAC 180-51-230(7)(f), this policy describes the performance-based pathway option available to District students.


The performance-based pathway includes the following components:

  • Proposal created by the student, or a learning contract for a performance-based pathway opportunity developed by a school or the district, 
  • Student Learning experience, 
  • Product created by the student based on the learning experience that must demonstrate that the student has met learning standards in English Language Arts or math, and 
  • Evaluation of the student product, performed locally, involving at least one teacher endorsed in the relevant subject area(s) using state-developed proficiency targets and associated rubrics. 

The Superintendent or designee will develop a process in accordance with the accompanying procedures for:

  • Approving student proposals and performance-based pathway opportunities developed by a school or the district,
  • Assessing student products, and
  • Addressing the safety of the student learning experience.

At least annually, the District will examine data on student groups participating in and completing each graduation pathway option offered by the school district in a manner consistent with requirements in RCW 28A.655.260.


Cross References:

Policy 1600 – Anti-Racism 
Policy 2410 – High School Graduation Requirements and Participation in Formal Graduation Ceremonies 

Legal References:     

WAC 180-51-050: High school credit - Definition 
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RCW 28A.655.260: Graduation pathway options - Review and monitoring - Participation data 

Washington State Schools Directors’ Association (WSSDA) model Policy 2415 adopted with modifications.

Adoption Date 4/25/2024


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