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Policy No. 2415

Registration At the start of any term, currently enrolled and new students must complete their registration for classes according to the announced registration schedule. In the event a class is filled, students must select an alternate as soon as possible. Students who delay class selection will have their program of studies made up for them from available classes.

Withdrawing from Classes Students may withdraw from a class up to the first 15 school days of a term. Students under age 18 must have parent permission to withdraw from a class. The record will show W/P or W/F (withdrawal/passing, withdrawal/failing) and the date of withdrawal, but the grade point average will not be affected.

If, after the 15th school day of a term, a student elects to drop a class, the record will show "E" and the grade will be computed in the student's grade point average. Exceptions may be made in individual cases upon the request of the teacher and approval of the building principal. Students under age 18 must have parent permission to withdraw from a class.

Withdrawing from School If a student elects to withdraw from school entirely, the record will show the classes taken and grade (withdrawal/passing, withdrawal/failing) at the time, with no effect on the student's grade point average. Students under age 18 must have parent permission to withdraw from school.

Transfer Students who have been in full-time attendance in another school will be enrolled at the time of transfer and provided the most appropriate program of studies available.

Certificate of Educational Competency A student who is 16 years of age or older but under 19 years of age and who has a substantial and warranted reason for leaving the regular high school program, or who has been home schooled may make application through the assistant superintendent for high school education, for a certificate of educational competency. The application must be signed by the student's parent and shall include the recommendation of a staff review committee and the superintendent.

The district shall make provisions for an appeal process for any student who feels that the denial to apply for a certificate of educational competency was unwarranted.
Certificates of educational competency shall be awarded by the state superintendent of public instruction and the state board for community and technical colleges.
The superintendent is authorized to develop and implement the necessary regulations for the administration of this policy.

Cross References:    

  • 3114 Part-time, home-based or off-campus Students

Legal References:

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Adoption Date: 1/27/00

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