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Policy No. 2340

The board of directors of Tacoma School District No.10 acknowledges the importance of religion to the understanding of society and the richness of the human experience. The district recognizes that opportunities to learn about cultural and religious traditions should be provided within the framework of the curriculum. Information about religious origins and histories should be part of this instruction. This educational opportunity should be handled with great care, sensitivity, and respect for the feelings and beliefs of all individuals. 
In approaching the teaching about religion in the school, the district will be guided by three concepts when making decisions about the appropriateness of activities for inclusion in the school program: the activity should have a secular purpose; the activity should neither advance nor inhibit religion; and the activity must not foster an excessive entanglement of government with religion. Fostering the development of knowledge and respect for the right of all cultural and religious groups is a continuing goal of the district. 
The superintendent is authorized to develop and implement the necessary regulations for the administration of this policy.  
Cross References:

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Legal References:

  • U.S. Constitution-First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment    Wash. Constitution Art. I, §11    Wash. Constitution Art. 9, Sec. 4 and Art. 26 
  • RCW 28A.600.025 Student rights of religious expression 
  • WAC 392-400-227 School district rules defining students’ religious rights 


Adoption Date: 1/27/00 Revised:  10/24/07 


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