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Policy No. 2163

The Tacoma School District is committed to providing a safe and beneficial learning environment for all students. The District recognizes that the use of seclusion or restraints in nonemergency situations poses a significant physical and psychological danger to students and school staff. Accordingly, the District promotes the use of positive behavioral interventions for all students and prohibits the use of isolation and restraint (formerly referred to as “aversive interventions”) except in limited circumstances as further described in this policy.

Isolation and restraint may be used as reasonably necessary to control spontaneous behavior that poses an imminent likelihood of serious harm, but all such use must be closely monitored to prevent harm to the student and must be discontinued as soon as the likelihood of serious harm has dissipated. It is the policy of the District to use the least amount of restraint or isolation appropriate to protect the safety of students, staff, and property under these circumstances.

For students with disabilities, isolation and restraint may be used as a planned behavioral intervention where the student’s needs require more specific advanced educational planning, and the student’s parent/guardian agrees. Any advanced planning must comport with the IEP or Section 504 team decision making processes outlined in District policy/regulation 2161 and 2162, as well as the state and federal laws and regulations to which they are based.

The District will develop regulations to implement this policy, including, but not limited to: regulations that define the reporting and notification requirements in the event that isolation or restraint is used by District staff; and the definitions, conditions, and limitations on the use of isolation or restraint. Such regulations will comply with all applicable federal and state laws, including the regulations found in WAC Chapter 392-172A

Cross References:

  • Policy 2162 Education of Students under Section 504
  • Policy 2161 Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students
  • Policy 3210 Nondiscrimination
  • Policy 3244 Prohibition of Corporal Punishment

Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.600.485
  • RCW 28A.155.020
  • WAC 392-172A
  • Substitute House Bill 1240 (7/24/2015)

Adoption Date: 04/24/14
Revised: 10/08/15

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