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Policy No. 2126

It is the policy of the Tacoma School District No.10 to provide an AIDS education prevention program in compliance with state law and regulation. The superintendent and his/her designee will develop the necessary regulations and curriculum to implement such a program.

The AIDS curriculum shall be age-appropriate, provide current facts, dispel myths and fears, and include information about community resources. The curriculum will provide students with the support they need to choose responsible behaviors that reduce the risk of coming in contact with the AIDS virus. Abstinence from sexual activity and drug use will be promoted.

The superintendent is authorized to develop and implement the necessary regulations for the administration of this policy.

Cross References:

  • Board Policy 3414 Infectious Diseases
  • 2125 Health, Family Life and Sex Education

Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.230.070 AIDS Education in Public Schools

Adoption Date: 1/27/00

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