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Policy No. 2108

The Tacoma School District No. 10, within its financial capacity, will offer programs that are designed to meet the needs of educationally disadvantaged students. Eligible students may receive services from one of three special needs programs--special education, learning assistance (LAP) and Title I of the Strengthening and Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Schools Act of

The district or individual school shall conduct a needs assessment and shall develop a plan for the use of LAP funds. Such a plan shall be determined in consultation with an advisory committee, including, but not limited to, parents of participants; teachers; principals; administrators; and school directors. The plan shall include:

  1. how students will be identified;
  2. planned services and activities;
  3. a plan for annual evaluation (performance objectives); and
  4. record-keeping procedure.

The plan shall be approved by the board of directors prior to submission to the state.

In compliance with the federal law, the board of directors adopts as part of this policy the following provisions for parent involvement, developed jointly with, agreed upon by and distributed to the parents of children participating in the federal remediation program:

  1. regular and on-going reporting of student progress;
  2. training and workshop sessions based on annual parent survey results;
  3. sharing of current program information in a timely manner;
  4. parent-teacher conferences;
  5. parent and staff partnerships;
  6. program visitations;
  7. regular meetings of Title I Parent Involvement Council.

Further activities which promote parent involvement and the goals of the Title I program will be implemented as needed.

The district shall reserve not less than one percent of its federal allocation for this program for parent involvement practices, including family literacy and parenting skills. Parents of children participating in the program shall be involved in the decisions regarding how these funds are to be spent.

Each school participating in the federal remediation program shall develop with and distribute to parents with children participating in the program a building-based parental involvement policy, agreed upon by those parents that addresses the following issues:

  1. The policy involvement of parents, including an annual meeting describing the program to parents; a flexible number of other meetings and services relating to parent involvement; involving parents in the planning, review, and improvement of parent involvement programs; and information about this program.
  2. The responsibility of parents, school staff and students for improved student achievement including a description of the school's responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction and the parents' responsibilities for supporting their children's learning; and the importance of ongoing communication between teachers and parents including at least annual parent-teacher conferences in the elementary schools, frequent reports to parents and reasonable access to staff, opportunities to volunteer, participate and observe in classrooms.
  3. Building the capacity of parents to be involved.

The superintendent will identify eligible students and their special needs; design a program(s) that will satisfy those needs by interfacing, when advantageous, federal remediation assistance, learning assistance (LAP), and special education services; monitor the progress of such programs; and provide assurances to state and federal agencies that such programs are in compliance with program requirements of each program with regard to conditions such as staff qualifications, staff-student ratios, student records, facilities and materials, financial accounting, reporting and program, and student evaluation.

The superintendent is authorized to develop and implement the necessary regulations for the administration of this policy.

Cross References:

  • Board Policy 6100 Revenues from the Federal Government
  • Board Policy 2161 Education of Students with Disabilities
  • Board Policy 2180 Parent, Family, and Community Partnerships

Legal References:

  • WAC 392-162 Special Program - Remediation Assistance
  • CFR 200.1-200.65 Title I-Helping Disadvantaged Students Meet High Standards
  • RCW 28A.165.010/.090 Learning Assistance Program
  • 20 USC 6301 - 8962 Strengthening and Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Schools Act of 1994

Adoption Date: 1/27/00
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