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Policy No. 2101

In order to assure compliance with the basic skills, work skills, and course requirements of WAC 180-16-200, the superintendent shall implement regulations for verifying compliance at the outset of each school year as well as monitoring continuing compliance throughout the year.

The regulations shall provide for:

  1. Examining the proposed schedule and course offerings available to secondary students prior to each grading period for compliance with the state requirements;
  2. Reviewing any subsequent changes to the schedule of secondary course offerings to assure continued compliance;
  3. Reviewing the schedule of secondary courses after the beginning of each grading period to verify compliance;
  4. Reviewing the elementary curriculum and hours of attendance annually to assure its continued compliance with the state requirements; and
  5. Maintaining a record of the schedule of secondary course offerings for each grading period and the schedule of hours of instruction offered to elementary and secondary students which will verify compliance with the requirements.

The superintendent is authorized to develop and implement the necessary regulations for the administration of this policy.

Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.150.220 Basic Education Act of 1977--Definitions--Program requirements--Program accessibility--Rules and regulations
  • WAC 180-16-200(7) Total program hour offering--Basic skills and work skills requirements

Adoption Date: 1/27/00

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