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Policy 2090

The board requires efficiency and effectiveness in all facets of its operations. In order to achieve this goal, the board shall provide:

  1. a clear statement of expectations and/or standards for the district's instructional programs,
  2. staff, resources, and support to achieve the stated expectations and/or standards; and
  3. a plan for evaluating instructional programs and services to determine how well expectations and/or standards are being met.

The district will utilize a variety of assessment processes to:

  1. determine the effectiveness of the instructional programs,
  2. assess the progress of individual students in attaining student learning goals or standards,
  3. diagnose the needs of individual students who are not progressing at their expected rates, and
  4. identify students who are in need of specialized programs.

Each school within the district shall undertake self-study procedures on a regular basis with emphasis given to achieving educational excellence and equity, building stronger links with the community and reaching consensus upon educational expectations. The self-study process shall include an emphasis in the following areas:

  1. the participation of staff, parents, community members, and students where appropriate to their age;
  2. a comprehensive assessment of the instructional program, staff, services, learning resources, student activities, and facilities;
  3. the implementation of a program for student learning goals or standards in the areas course(s)/subject(s) taught in grades kindergarten through twelve in the common schools. This program shall be reviewed by the building steering committee in accordance with a time schedule the district has established for their self-study. Periodic review shall take place at least every seven years.
  4. an analysis of class size and staffing patterns within the school district; and
  5. the development of a plan for program improvement.

Goals and objectives related to the instructional program have been accomplished and are reported annually in the school performance reports. The superintendent shall annually review the assessment processes and procedures to determine if the purposes of the evaluation program are being accomplished. Specifically, the district shall adjust its curriculum if student performance under the Washington State Assessment Program indicates the district's students
need assistance in identified areas.

The superintendent is authorized to develop and implement the necessary regulations for the administration of this policy.

Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.230 Compulsory Coursework and Activities
  • WAC 180-52-020 Pupil tests and records--Tests--School district policy in writing
  • WAC 180-52-030 Pupil tests and records--Certain tests, questionnaires, etc.--Limitations
  • WAC 180-52-035 Pupil tests and records--Diagnostic personality tests--Parental permission required
  • WAC 180-53 Educational quality -- Self--study by school districts

Adoption Date: 1/27/2000

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