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Policy No. 2020

It is the policy Tacoma Public Schools to provide free textbooks, supplies, and other instructional materials to be lent to the pupils of the school, when, in its judgment, the best interests of the District will be served thereby. The rules to preserve such books, supplies and other instructional materials from unnecessary damage shall be prescribed in Tacoma Public Schools’ Regulation 2020R.

It is the goal of Tacoma Public Schools that adopted instructional materials to be aligned with the District’s strategic plan goals and benchmarks, and implemented staff through the use of research-based best practices in alignment with the District’s adopted instructional framework.

In compliance with the laws and regulations of the State of Washington, the Superintendent shall appoint members to and Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) to make recommendations to the Board regarding the adoption of core instructional materials and to hear complaints regarding the instructional materials used by the District.

Instructional materials shall be screened and selected in conformance with:

  1. Applicable state and federal laws;
  2. The stated goals and principles of the District; and
  3. The procedures established by the Superintendent or designee.

Furthermore, when screening core instructional materials, the following principles and selection criteria, that adopted core instructional materials shall:

  1. Be research-based;
  2. Meet state standards and College Readiness requirements;
  3. Be sufficiently flexible to meet the varied needs and abilities of the students served;
  4. Promote critical thinking skills, such as the critical analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of ideas, in order to be informed decision-makers;
  5. Allow the facilitation of a sufficient diversity of ideas in order that opposing views of controversial issues be examined and/or presented;
  6. Be culturally relevant and represent the diversity of students, able to aid in the development of understanding and empathy regarding issues of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, and occupations;
  7. Support an equitable access to learning and learning materials for all students; including the provision of appropriate, high-quality accessible instructional materials to all students with disabilities who require them; and
  8. Support the elimination of bias pertaining to sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal in all textbooks and instructional materials including reference materials and audio-visual materials. The Washington Models for the Evaluation of Bias Content in Instructional Materials, published by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction should be consulted in the selection process to further to the goal of eliminating content bias.

Core instructional materials shall be adopted by the Board prior to their formal use in classrooms, with the exception of use and experiment with instructional materials for a period of time before general adoption is formalized (commonly referred to as “piloting”). A
determination to engage in piloting is one to be made at the discretion of the Superintendent. Regulation 2020R provides further information on the specific processes to be employed prior to the Board being asked to approve a core instructional materials adoption.

The Superintendent may also purchase instructional materials to meet deviant needs or rapidly changing circumstances prior to adoption by the Board prior to their formal use in classrooms, but such purchases are made pending Board approval.

Cross References:

  • Board Policy 6881 Disposal of Surplus Property

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Adopted 9/5/2013

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