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Policy 2010


The Board of Directors of the Tacoma School District shall strive to be on the leading edge of innovation among public schools in Washington.

  • Innovations shall reflect best practices and be supported by a compelling theory demonstrating they will produce the expected outcomes.
  • The district shall be fiscally responsible in supporting innovative approaches; maximize public, private and philanthropic resources; and ensure it can sustain innovative approaches shown to be successful.
  • While flexibility and autonomy are necessary for innovation, accountability for effective implementation and results are required.
  • Therefore, planning and implementation of innovations shall include a continuing assessment and improvement process to ensure the innovations are achieving their identified outcomes and whether improvements are needed.

Proposed innovations shall be aligned with and further the district’s Strategic Plan and contribute to reaching student achievement benchmarks. The following schedule will be used to identify potential innovation options and Board approval.

  1. In January of the 2nd year of the Washington State biennial budget cycle, the Board will conduct a work-study to review the portfolio of school options, the district benchmarks needs and determine if a Request for Proposals (RFP) is needed. The decision will be based on the budget capacity, current offerings, data-driven needs and examine what school offerings need to be discontinued.
  2. In February, of the respective biennial cycle, if needed, the Board will adopt an RFP.
  3. February through April of the respective biennial cycle, the Superintendent’s designees will advertise the RFP and provide technical support to initiators.
  4. In May of the respective biennial cycle, the Program Placement Review Committee will review RFPs and score them. The scores will be reviewed by the Board and determine if there is any RFPs that meet the identify need/s.
  5. In June of the respective biennial cycle, the Board will vote to move forward with any RFPs or determine that no RFPs will be selected for the respective year.
  6. If the Board selects any RFP(s), the following academic school year will be used as a planning and implementation year with quarterly updates for the Board (a program placement approach).
  7. After the year of planning and implementation, the new school will be opened and evaluated on an annual basis.
  8. The new school will have up to five years to demonstrate sustainability in each of the strategic plan goals as well as well financial stability. If the school is not meeting standard on the agreed-upon performance matrix, the Board will close the program.

If there is demonstrable evidence that innovation is not being implemented as approved, or that it is not producing the expected results, corrective actions will be required and monitored closely.

Cross References:

  • Policy 0100 Commitment to Strategic Planning
  • Policy 0105 Innovating for Achievement
  • Policy 2090 Instruction: Program Evaluation

Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.320 Provisions Applicable to All Districts
  • RCW 28A.230 Compulsory Coursework and Activities
  • RCW 28A.300.550 Innovation Schools

Adopted: 03/13/2014
Revised: 12/10/2015

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