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Regulation 1733R

A board member is eligible to receive compensation at the rate of fifty dollars ($50) per day, or for a portion of a day, for the following activities:

A. Attending regular or special meetings of the board;

B. Serving as a designated representative of the board; including, but not limited to, such activities as school committees, community development and/or betterment committees, collective bargaining, etc.

C. Attending board-approved training and/or development activities, including, but not limited to regional, state, or national school board association conferences, board inservice meetings, etc. This may also include time involved in traveling to and from the activity; and

D. Attending special board-related activities when approved by the board in advance, including, but not limited to: building dedications, commencement activities, staff retirements, and other such ceremonies.

Total compensation for a fiscal year shall not exceed four thousand eight hundred dollars ($4,800.00), plus reasonable expenses incurred for travel, meals, and lodging.

Any board member may waive all or any portion of his/her compensation for any month or months during his/her term of office, by a written waiver filed with the district. The waiver may be filed any time after the director’s election and before the date on which the compensation would otherwise be paid. The waiver shall specify the month or period of months for which it is made.

A board member shall submit a monthly claim which verifies the nature and amount of approved activities for which compensation is claimed during the month. A director is only eligible to make one compensation claim for a given day.

Adoption Date: 3/11/99, Amended 9/11/12

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