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Regulation 1620R
The Board of Directors

Board-Staff Communications
The following communications procedures are established:

Staff Communications to the Board
All official communications or reports to the board or individual board members from principals,
supervisors, teachers, or other staff members shall be submitted through the superintendent. This
shall not deny any staff member's right to appeal to the board regarding administrative decisions,
provided that the superintendent shall have been notified of the forthcoming appeal and that it is
processed according to the applicable procedures on complaints and grievances.

Board Communications to Staff
All official communications, policies, and directives of staff interest and concern will be
communicated to staff members through the superintendent. The superintendent will employ all
such media as are appropriate to keep staff fully informed of the board's priorities, concerns and

Visits to Schools
Individual board members interested in visiting schools or classrooms will make arrangements
for visitations through the principals of the various schools. Such visits shall be regarded as
expressions of interest in school affairs and not as "inspections" or visits for supervisory or
administrative purposes.

Social Interaction
Staff and board members share a keen interest in the schools and in education. When they meet
at social affairs and other functions, informal discussion on such matters as educational trends,
issues, and innovations and general district problems can be anticipated. Discussions of
personalities or staff grievances is not appropriate.

Superintendent-Board Relations
The board shall:
Select the superintendent and delegate him/her all necessary administrative powers.

Adopt policies for the operation of the school system and review administrative procedures.

Provide direction for the educational program.

Review courses of study.

Adopt textbooks and teaching materials.

Approve annual budget.

Employ certificated and classified staff upon recommendation of the superintendent.

Authorize the allocation of certificated and classified staff time.

Approve contracts for construction.

Approve payment of vouchers and payroll.

Review monthly fiscal reports.

Approve proposed changes of school plant and facilities.

Approve collective bargaining agreements.

Establish criteria and processes for evaluating staff.

Appoint citizens and staff to serve on special committees.

Serve as final arbitrator for staff, citizens and students.

The superintendent shall:Serve as chief executive officer of the district.

Recommend policies or policy changes to the board and develop procedures which implement board policy.

Provide leadership in the development, operation, supervision and evaluation of the educational program.

Approve courses of study.

Recommend textbooks and materials.

Prepare and submit the annual budget

Recommend candidates for employment as certificated and classified staff.

Recommend staff needs based on student enrollment.

Recommend contracts for major construction.

Recommend payment of vouchers and payroll.

Prepare monthly fiscal reports.

Prepare reports regarding school plant and facilities needs.

Negotiate collective bargaining agreements.

Recommend criteria for evaluating staff.

Recommend formation of ad hoc citizen's committees.

Inform board of appeals and implement any such forthcoming board decisions.

Adoption Date: 3/11/1999

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