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Policy No. 1410
The Board of Directors

Before convening in executive session, the president shall publicly announce the general purpose for excluding the public from the meeting place and the time when the executive session will be concluded. The executive session may be extended to a stated later time by the announcement of the president.

The Open Public Meetings Act does not apply to certain board activities and public notice is not required prior to holding a closed session for any of the following purposes:

A. Consideration of a quasi-judicial matter between named parties as distinguished from a matter having a general effect on the public or a class or group; or

B. Collective bargaining sessions with employee organizations, including contract negotiations, grievance meetings, and discussions relating to the interpretation or application of a labor agreement, or when the board is planning or adopting the strategy or position to be taken during the course of collective bargaining, professional negotiations, or grievance or mediation proceedings, or reviewing the proposals made in the negotiations or proceedings while in progress.

Legal References:

  • RCW 42.30.110 Executive sessions
  • RCW 42.30.140 Chapter controlling--Application

Management Resources:

  • Policy News, June 2001 Legislature Addresses Executive Session

Adoption Date: 7/1/70
Revised: 3/11/99; 3/8/12 

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