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Regulation 1310.1R
The Board of Directors

The District shall conduct periodic reviews of policies to verify and ensure compliance.

The purpose of the review is to determine:

1.       if the policy is still necessary or if it should be rescinded;

2.       if the policy is up to date with current laws, regulations, and guidance from regulatory bodies like Office of Superintendent of            Public Instruction (OSPI);

3.       if the policy is consistent with related Board policies, including Policy 1600 Anti-Racism;

4.       if the policy accurately reflects current practices; and

5.       if changes are required to improve the effectiveness or clarity of the policy.

Revisions to existing policies and regulations shall be made in accordance with Regulation 1310R.

If no revisions are warranted, the Legal Department shall present the policy or regulation to the Board with a recommendation to mark the policy as “Reviewed Without Changes” as of the date of the Board meeting.

Adopted Date 3/23/2023

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