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Policy No. 1230
The Board of Directors

The superintendent as board secretary shall be responsible for:

A. Maintaining an accurate and complete record of all board proceedings;
B. Taking charge of the board's books and documents;
C. Drawing and signing all warrants authorized by the board;
D. Sending out notices of meetings and other relevant communications to board members and the public;
E. Preparing agendas and supplementary documents as authorized by the board;
F. Submitting required reports to the educational service district and to state and national agencies;
G. Authorizing the investment of district surplus funds by the county treasurer; and
H. Carrying out other duties as directed by the board and required by law.

Legal Reference:

  • RCW 28A.400.030 Superintendent's duties

Adoption Date: 7/1/70
Revised: 3/11/99 

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